Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The (First) Adventures of Being Self-Employed

As I was doing my daily blog-hopping the other day, I did my usual visit to Meg at A Practical Wedding and discovered her monthly chronicles of working for herself full-time. I really enjoyed her second post in, what I'm hoping will continue to be, a great series on being your own boss. This particular post detailed the "happiness factor" which so many people credit to owning your own business.

In the first few months after opening Très Sweet Designs, I have had a lot of fun discovering what schedule works for me, what systems work, and what culture I want to create. But the truth is I have yet to really feel that full satisfaction. I attribute this mainly to the fact that I'm still a student working on my BS in Hospitality Management. I'll admit it's a bit frustrating being completely committed to two huge projects, but I really feel like starting up while still in school was the best idea for me. It's like having a little safety net.

I'm actually using and retaining the information I'm learning in my courses and applying it to creating a solid foundation for my company. And instead of getting to graduation day with the sudden need to find/take any relatively good paying job to get student loans paid off, I'm starting that transition now.

My company is in the super early stages, where my main goal is creating a good business plan, implementing smart and efficient systems, and meeting potential clients! But I am planning for growth and preparing to make the full transition into self-employment after graduation. More to come!

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