Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Wedding: When things go wrong...

It's hard to believe that just over 3 months ago, Josh and I got married. It's even more difficult to believe that the week leading up to our wedding was one of the most difficult weeks we had to deal with as a couple.

About 8 days prior to the wedding, I had it all planned out for the week of to run smoothly... no, seriously. But, of course, things usually don't work out as planned. We wanted to get married in our hometown, which is six hours away from where we currently live. The Sunday before the big day, we arrive in our hometown in the evening, I drop Josh off at his parents house, and I'm headed to mine when... I hit a huge chunk of wood with my car that all but destroys parts of the under-carriage (for your sake, I'll leave out all of the technical mumbo-jumbo). So there I am, one week before "the biggest day of my life" freaking out (and blubbering, I might add) because our only mode of transportation is now a stationary heap of metal. "How do we get to the airport for the honeymoon? How do we get home after that? How do we even begin to afford another car?" It was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with at this point in my life.

Long story short, we did end up buying a "new" car after the honeymoon and I feel like the experience of purchasing something that big on our own was a great way to start out our marriage, but that doesn't mean it wasn't hard as hell.

I know that this is probably the least fun topic to cover in regards to wedding planning, but things happen and it's important to be aware. So, what do you do when things go wrong close to your wedding? Certainly my case, is not the most serious thing that could happen, but I do feel like there would be similarities between all cases.

1. Go ahead and cry. No, crying won't really solve anything or make the situation better, but if you need to, let it out. Just periodically blow your nose, or it can get messy.

2. Breathe. This is especially important if you choose to participate in Tip #1. Because, I don't know about you, but I am an ugly crier and once I get going, it takes a lot of deep breathing to calm me down.

3. Talk with your fiance. If they aren't with you at the time, get to them or in touch with them as soon as possible. After all, you are marrying this person. Chances are that they are the person you confide in, as well as, the person you will need to discuss the matter with anyways. Plus, it will be a test of their love, once they see your crying face. (KIDDING!)

And 4. Make a game plan. This is somthing that depends entirely on your situation, but if it's something like car trouble or an injury, really think about what the challenges will be in relation to the wedding and decide (with your soon-to-be-spouse) what the best option is.

The most important thing I'll stress is just open communication. Be open-minded and ready to listen to solutions. But most of all, know that you and your other half will have to deal with tough situations throughout your lives and the key to getting past it is supporting each other and rationally creating a solution.

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  1. I had to buy a new car about a week after my wedding, mine was about to die...I can't imagine having to do it before though! you poor girl!