Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Weeks as a Married Couple

Finally time to get back to regular posting. I've missed it so. Now it's time to blog about all the fun stuff that's happened in the past few weeks.

People ask how it feels to be married now and the only response I can honestly reply with is "It feels exactly the same". I love that! There was no major shift when we said "I will". Our life is as normal as it was before we left for the wedding. Regardless of the fact that our version of "normal" may be just the opposite.

It's a little strange getting used to a new signature and then being called nearly last during attendance in class but nothing huge. And I am loving my self-proclaimed "wifely duties". It's just fun to me to do little things around the house that I know Josh will appreciate, such as making the bed when we're running late and setting up the coffee maker the night before. And Josh has also taken a liking to his "big-strong man" duties such as changing light bulbs and hanging art.

So far, all is well in the Willis household.

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