Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm at home. Prepping for the wedding. But would you believe that that is not what I am the most worried about?

Oh, just wait till you hear this. On the way home from dropping Josh off at his parents house, upon arriving in our home town, I hit a very large chunk of wood with my very little car. Frick.

Luckily, I was already in my neighborhood, so I made it home safely. Apparently, it tore up my transmission pan (you can follow my trail of transmission fluid directly to my house) and now my dad says that motor oil is leaking from something. It's pretty bad. But if the repairs and hours of labor required to fix my poor little Sunfire, then I'm not going to deal with that. Josh and I will just have to get a new car. The week we get married. Talk about an inopportune time to have a car crisis.

All things considered, Josh and I (me especially) are handling this very well, even though the whole thing is incredibly stressful. We will keep you updated.

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