Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invitations will be the death of me.

I. am. so. sick of making invitations!!!!

It's a never ending cycle of reasons why they cannot just be finished. It's "I ran out of paper" or another person gets added to the guest list or "I don't have their address." It is really frustrating and I just want them done.

But moments like this do make me realize I have the best fiance ever!!

Me after I realized I made the last ten invitations with the border colors switched: "It's times like this that I really wish we had just bought invitations"

Josh: "Yeah, but they are so cute and they are something that no one else will ever have at their wedding! I'm really glad you're doing it!"

Ahhhh, he's the best. I can just imagine some other couple out there in this sort of situation where the man would have responded "Uh, yeeeahh we shoouuld have bought invitations but you just haaaad to make them". This makes me feel sad and very very lucky.

Now, time to sleeeeeep! I'll finish these later. Maybe this weekend. Hopefully!

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