Saturday, December 25, 2010

Travel Musts

Yeah, so I'm a little late as I'm sure most of you peeps are already at your holiday destinations, but I figured this would be a good post regardless. I'm slowly working my way to having traveling down to a science. I'd love to have the system down, but I'm getting there. One of the hardest components of packing for a trip is whittling down my beauty products to the essentials.

A train case: This is an awesome way to keep all of your toiletries together in one organized place. This might not work so much if your planning to fly but if you're keeping it local or driving these are perfect. I got one as a gift a few Christmas's ago but I thought these train cases would be amazing!

Brush Case:
If you invested a bit of money on your make up brushes they should be protected when you travel. There are lots of options for brush cases but I just got a basic one from Ulta and it works wonderfully. Plus, it's only fits about 8 brushes, so that forces me to downsize on trips...

Retractable Kabuki Brush: This is a great brush to have, but if you use Bare Minerals makeup you know it's especially important. The brush that is marketed for Bare Minerals won't be protected from being tossed around in your makeup bag or new train case so a retractable brush is perfect for traveling. Once again, I picked up mine from Ulta. And just as a side note, this is a great all-purpose brush if you're thinking about starting a brush collection. It can be used for your face powder, blush, and/or bronzer.

Compact eyelash curler: I have a pretty small makeup back and when I travel, I bring a little bit more than my normal make up to be prepared for different situations. So, when I found this eyelash curler at Ulta (seeing a pattern?) I had to pick it up. It's so small and flat that it fits amazingly in a small bag. Plus, it works really great AND you can order free replacement pads for the life of the curler!! Did I mention it comes in pink, too?

And lastly, the hands-down best product ever for travel!!!

KMS California Makeover Spray: This stuff is amazing! It's like the less-messy version of dry shampoo. Say you arrive late at your destination, don't especially feel like showering, and go straight to bed. You wake up the next morning with a full day planned and don't have time for a morning shower. This stuff will take greasy hair and make it normal again! No joke! You just spray it throughout your hair (focus on the roots), brush through, and style as normal. As you could guess, I got mine at Ulta as a free sample, but you can get it on Amazon too!

So, happy traveling! I hope these tips and products to make packing and traveling easier!

**Disclaimer** I am not, nor do I ever claim to be a beauty expert. I am not affiliated with any brands or products mentioned. I bought them all and I give my honest opinion. :D

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  1. Great picks! (I am also no beauty expert but enjoyed your post :)) x