Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Setting the Foundation - Money and Marriage

Josh and I spent Easter weekend doing a whole bunch of 'not Easter-y' things. There weren't any eggs or bunnies, but we did something so much better. Starting Friday, this past weekend became "super-productive weekend" and the biggest thing we tackled (and dominated) was our finances.

I will never claimed to have been a big saver. I like to spend money... way more than I should. But on the other hand the idea of bad credit scares the hell out of me. I don't want to not be able to get a car or a house because I messed up as a teenager. So not worth it.

Josh on the other hand is frugal. Really. Frugal. So it's up to us to establish a balance and continue to work towards that equilibrium before we tie the knot. One of the top things couples fight about is money and up until this point we never had to fight about that because we kept most things separate. Recently, we opened our joint savings and checking accounts and it is vital that we establish parameters. How much needs to be contributed every month to cover our living expenses? What percentage of our income can go into savings? What do we consider legitimate reasons to spend from the savings account?

This past weekend, we answered all of those questions and came up with a system that will help us to track who puts what in and where that money goes.

This system may end up being just the first of many until we find one that completely works for us, but the important part is we are recognizing an important area of potential conflict and addressing it together. It feels good!

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