Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our DIY Invitations

A more detailed look at our wedding invitations.

I knew that I wanted to make them right away and I was confident that I would be able to do it. The biggest problem was making sure that they didn't come across as super homemade (aka: I just printed this off of microsoft word and shoved it in an envelope). After we decided on colors, I made thirty-two a few trips to our local Hobby Lobby to look at paper options. There weren't a whole bunch of patterend papers in our colors so I decided solids were the best way to go.


When I ran across this diy escort card display, I decided I wanted to incorporate this idea into our invitations to make them special.

Martha Stewart Weddings

I had a much easier time finding fabrics in our colors than I did with patterend paper. So I bought 1/2 yard of 3 different fabrics ($6.80) and a 1.75 inch circle whole punch ($9.99) from HL. I also purchased a corner rounder to mimi the shape of the escort cards in the photo ($6.99).


I looked for font solutions right away because everyone has seen the "fancy" fonts offered by Microsoft Word. No thanks. I found dafont.com and it was awesome. You can search by the type of font your looking for and they are free to download. I ended up using Jellyka, Saint-Andrew's Queen for our names and envelope labels and Hanshand for the other wording on the invitations.


I found the love bird stamp (so cute!) at HL on sale for $2.75 and picked up the inkpad for $2.99. I knew immediately that it would be used for the outside of the envelopes. Speaking of, we picked up plain, white greeting card envelopes (50) for $4.95 at Wal-Mart.

The Finished Product:

Total Spent on Invitations:
Stamp: $2.75
Ink Pad: $2.99
Pack of White Card Stock: $4.99
Yellow Paper: $7.93
Blue Paper: $12.39
Fabric: $6.80
Evelopes: $4.95
Hole Punch: $9.99
Corner Rounder: $6.99
Total: $59.78

**Note: The whole punch and corner rounder did push the invitation total over what I had expected to pay but I consider these two items investments for my future crafting!**

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