Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photography Madness

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had found a photographer and then when I called to book him, he was no longer available on that date, right? Well, I have found another company that IS available and does really gorgeous photos.

Josh and I want our professional photography to be done a little differently. My uncle is a great photographer. He takes all of my family pictures and is great at capturing those moments that make you smile... but I wanted the photos of Josh and me to be taken by someone who was not a family member. I just didn't feel like we would get the photos we wanted from that. So, we set out to hire a photographer to shoot just the two of us for 1 hour before the ceremony. I'm so in love with all of the "reveal" photos that are plastered on every wedding blog on the interweb. The idea of him seeing me for the first time in my dress, about to become his wife, and sharing that moment alone is something I want to see on film!!!

So we set off to find another photographer and we were moving fast! I found this company, fell in love with the photos, and made the first phone call. After explaining what I had in mind, he said he would email me with a package that would suit our needs and then we could go from there. That happened on Friday afternoon. I have been checking my email like a mad-woman ever since. I guess I'm just so scared that he will no longer be available when we actually get all the details and decide to book.

He did send an email tonight that had a package that was an awesome deal, but it was just too much for what we're wanting: unlimited hours, unlimited outfits, and a whole slew of prints for $700.00 (it was an engagement package). So, yeah, that's an awesome deal but I only need one hour. Sooooo..... I had to email him back, and now the waiting game begins again!!!! Blerg!

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